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30 Apr May 2019 Yellowbill

President's Message May marks the end of our birding season as the summer heat makes local birding more difficult and less pleasant. But we end the season with four field trips in May, including two into the cool mountains. We also have trips to Ball Ranch (rescheduled...

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01 Apr April 2019 Yellowbill

President's Message April brings migrating shorebirds, hummingbirds and song birds to our area, and this year it also brings the launch of our Beginning Birding Class to the River Center. We've teamed with the River Parkway and Conservation Trust to offer a recurring birding class at...

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28 Feb March 2019 Yellowbill

President's Message We have been very busy at Fresno Audubon Society over the past month. We have a new board member, (Nancy Gilmore) a new Instagram account (@fresnoaudubon) managed by Nancy Gilmore and Max Nichols, a new project to survey the San Joaquin River Parkway plant...

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31 Jan February 2019 Yellowbill

President's Message Our speaker this month is Larry Parmeter, former president of Fresno Audubon and current trip leader. He will talk about bird navigation, a subject that combines his two loves: birds and astronomy. This should be a very interesting presentation since there has been quite...

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02 Jan January 2019 Yellowbill

President's Message Happy New Year everyone. 2019 promises to be a good year for Fresno Audubon as we move forward with our partnership with the San Joaquin Parkway and River Trust. We are finalizing the Introduction to Birding class curriculum and have purchased 10 pair of...

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